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Speedy advancement of new Google CEO

Joined the company less than 10 years, Sundar Pichai became senior vice president, responsible for a series of key products such as Chrome, Android and Google Toolbar.
Internet giants announced restructuring, establishment of holding company named Alphabet. The two Google founders - Larry Page and Sergey Brin moved up as CEO and Chairman of the new company. Sundar Pichai also took over as Google CEO.

Pichai born in Tamil Nadu (India), is 43 years old. After graduating from college in the country specialized in metallurgical engineering, he went to America to study at Stanford University - the cradle of the founders and many leaders Google - he took an MBA at the Wharton School of Business.

Pichai started working for Google in 2004, the group developed the Google Toolbar. This tool is very important, because it allows Google to establish themselves as the default search engine in both Internet Explorer and Firefox browsers. Government's leadership role with this product Pichai amid fierce rivalry with Microsoft has helped consolidate his position in the company.
New Google CEO - Sundar Pichai. Photo: DPA

A few years later, he moved to the first web browser Google - Chrome. When the software launches in 2008, it has made the whole world to doubt - how Chrome can compete with Internet Explorer and Firefox? But later, Chrome web browser has become the most commonly used in the world. Even, it was very successful operating system in the Chromebook laptop - tools commonly used in schools.

Pichai later became vice president of Google, and then to senior vice president in 2013. He was given responsibility for managing the Google applications, including Gmail, and joined L-team - a small group of newspaper leaders reports directly to Larry Page. When the father of Android - Andy Rubin left to join a secret project by Google robot, Page gave Pichai substitutions.

Last year, he became director of Google's products, manage almost all its software, except YouTube. Operating Google+ Pichai, Google Wallet, Android Pay and services for businesses on Google Apps.

Pichai also had directed the workshop programmer Google I / O. He serves as the face of Google, introduced the new version of Android and Chrome. Pichai also the introduction of new products and services of the company, including the premiere of this year's Google Photos.

Pichai is admired in Google not only for talented professionals, but also thanks to the peaceful and quiet. He helped resolve all problems of governance issues in the company, connects people to each other and always promoted those who have a good record.

"Sundar always said exactly what I wanted and sometimes even more. I would love to work with him ... All of us agreed that it was time now for him as CEO Google" Page for know.

Ha Thu (Synthetic)

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