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Technology Incubator in Vietnam: Many but not enough

For many startups, was admitted to the Incubator (nursery) is a great opportunity to develop and have a lot of valuable support. Technology Incubator is an organization that works to support businesses, turning ideas into viable technology products shaping, after incubation output may be services or technology products.

"Arboretum" is?

Technology Incubator is an organization that works to support businesses, turning ideas into viable technology products shaping, after incubation output may be services or technology products.


 Incubating the previous stage of venture capital, support and supplement the knowledge, skills and resources necessary for a new business can survive and grow strong. To find venture investors now generally have from 1-2 years of business activity relatively successful (ie, product acceptance in the market, have a specific business plan, clear, and attractive).

Model nurseries to solve many problems come from discrete ecosystems, increase the quality and number of startups in the region and thus can attract investors.

Technology Incubator in Vietnam

Currently particular in the technology sector, in Vietnam had plenty incubation program at multiple scales. The nursery can give startups an environment of low-cost (or free), development support through the stages of training and intensive guidance with experienced mentors, some programs cash investment.

Silicon Valley Vietnam: is based on the model of Silicon Valley business incubator United States, under the auspices of the Ministry of Science & Technology, past the first lock 9 startups graduated scheme.

Project FIRST: Department of Science and Technology held in cooperation with the World Bank (World Bank), focusing on four main areas including biotechnology, materials science, robotics and IT.

Saigon Hi-tech Park (SHTP): supporting the startup of a remote control robot tech, engineering and logistics robot technology smart home automation, does not seek to add new participants startup that focuses support the current startup.

Vietnam National University Centre of VNU technology will deploy an incubator program lasts for 6 months including workspace and guidance from a team of VNU.

mLab: cooperation projects between SHTP and VNU, funded from infoDev and the World Bank. Organize the hackathon period provides a small capital, workspace and guidance from experts.

HATCH! Incubation Program: towards the start-up operating time of less than 2 years, providing mentoring programs, four-week course focused and connected sequence of events.

Topica Founder Institute: Program start-up speed under the combination of educational complexes Topica and Founder Institute (training in the Silicon Valley start-ups). Currently the program has been held up to the 3rd year and assisted many successful startup current.

Besides the large technology companies in Vietnam as vccorp, TVE, FPT, YouNet, VNG, Pricing ... has or operating small-scale nurseries or for internal only.

Although plentiful and varied but operational startup incubators currently not truly effective by many factors, such as insufficient permanent expert network to support consultation, the business services provider Industry still at a basic level, a lack of management skills in the model nursery business. Financial resources invested now to nurseries is limited and experimental in nature, hedge funds and large corporations do not pay much attention to the program.

And despite participating nurseries or not the decisive factor for successful entrepreneurs will still be knowledge, passion and effort from the startups themselves


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