Factors to Consider When Choosing Plywood For Modular Kitchens

The modular kitchen is one 21st-century concept, undeniably a new take on kitchen design, both as home décor and utilitarian space. Today, kitchens are not like traditional closed spaces, rather it is more open. In a modular kitchen, material plays a key role in durability and design that embodies elegance and style. Plywood for modular kitchen adds value to the space. The lightweight material is easy to experiment with various styles while fabricating of modular kitchen.

The design of a modular kitchen focuses on functionality and visual appearance. The kitchen has become a multi-functional area, the open kitchen serves as the centerpiece of the house, a dining space, and a special corner for gatherings and house parties. This is you must show a persnickety attitude to get the best results.

How To Pick The Plywood For Modular Kitchen:

High Durability

Durability is one of the factors to consider before you end your search for the best plywood for a modular kitchen. When it comes to the selection of plywood for pantry shelves or kitchen countertops, the durability of plywood plays a key role. Durable plywood ensures the material to be long lasting and low-maintenance.

Plywood Grade


When it comes to the selection of plywood for modular kitchens, we cannot miss out on fire-resistant plywood. As we know the kitchen is most vulnerable to fire. It is the area where we deal with gas stoves, modern kitchen appliances, and geysers. To avoid an uncalled fire accident, pick fire-resistant plywood for a modular kitchen.

BWR Plywood/BWP Plywood (Waterproof plywood)

The next plywood grade you must consider is water resistance. There is no second thought about how we want our kitchen to look visually pleasing and clean every time we walk in. But have you thought about how water seeping between the kitchen cabinets, especially the ones which are nearby the sink can create an environment for fungus and molds to grow and cause havoc in your home?

To avoid such circumstances, you must pick BWR/BWP plywood, which has high water-resistant quality. There may be kitchen accidents, water spills ups, or maybe a few sprays of water here and there, a waterproof plywood is robust enough to handle all these issues effectively.

MR Grade Plywood

Termite and insect infestation can bring down costly premium kitchen shelves into a pile of sand. For the kitchen cabinets at the top shelve where BWP or waterproof plywood is not required, at those shelves MR grade, or moisture-resistant plywood is useful. It resists moisture from the air and ensures the plywood is safe from microbial or termite infestation.

Cost of Plywood

Albeit the material is inexpensive, the cost of plywood can sometimes add up to end up as an exorbitant modular kitchen design. It mostly happens due to a lack of planning about size and thickness and buying costly raw materials. We at Austin provide premium quality plywood at an affordable cost.

To keep the finished material within the budget you can add laminates, membranes, or acrylic over plywood for finesse in the modular kitchen.


A prudent choice for picking plywood for a modular kitchen can save time and energy in maintenance and assist in extending the life of all the cabinets.

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