How to choose the correct plywood for modular kitchen

The modular kitchen is not a new concept, it appeared around the middle of the 20th century. The main components for the kitchen include cabinet, shelves, drawers, etc. These components are more cost – effective and flexibility compared to the traditional ones that are made by hand. That is why modular kitchens are gradually replacing the traditional method. The materials of the cabinet are important for long-term maintenance in the kitchen. Plywood is the solution for a durable material that can stand the humid environment such as the kitchen for a long time. Plywood is a lightweight material with a high durability, very suitable for kitchen appliances. So, what are the categories to find the perfect type of plywood for your kitchen?

High durability

Durability is one of the key factors when you find the material for your appliances. If the quality of the wood is low, it will rot after a long period of time in a humid environment such as kitchen. Durable plywood guarantees that the material will last for a long period of time and require minimal maintenance.

Plywood grade

1. Fire-resistant

When it comes to the selection of the perfect plywood for the modular kitchen, we cannot forget about the fire-resistant aspect. We all know that plywood is flammable, especially in the cooking area like the kitchen. In order to prevent some fire-related incidents, using some fireproof plywood is an optimal solution.

2. Waterproof

The next category we need to know is water resistance. Have you ever thought about how water seeps between the cabinets, especially the ones which are nearby the sink. This can be a great environment for molds to grow in your home. To avoid this, you can try BWR/BWP plywood, which has high water-resistant quality.

3. MR grade plywood

Termite and insect infestation can bring down the quality of plywood. It can change from a premium cabinet into sand. By using moisture-resistant plywood, it can prevent the infection from termite.


A prudent choice for picking plywood for a modular kitchen can save lots of times and effort in maintenance and assist in extending the life of cabinets.

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