How To Use Film-Faced Plywood properly

Properly preserving and utilizing film-faced plywood can extend its lifespan. AMC Vietnam provides cost-saving tips for customers:

Before using:

– To ensure optimal storage conditions, we recommend keeping items in a dry area that is shielded from direct sunlight. Additionally, it is advisable to store them horizontally on a plywood surface for added stability.
– It is important to securely strap packages when moving to prevent damage and ensure worker safety.
– To avoid causing scratches on the surface and minimizing floor damage, we recommend using a lifting machine. This is particularly important in situations where heavy items need to be moved.

When using

– Use saws and cutting machines with strong, sharp blades to minimize damage to the board structure and ensure worker safety.
– To avoid termite penetration after cutting, seal the edges of film-coated plywood with glue or water-resistant paint.
– Use oil or an anti-adhesion agent before pouring concrete for simple cleaning and to reduce the chance of board surface damage.
– Before drilling or screwing, you should tape over the surface to prevent cracking.

After using

– To prevent surface scratches, use a water jet, plastic, or nylon brush when cleaning.
– Before bringing the board to the storage location, let it dry and be cleaned.

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