In What Ways Is Formaldehyde Harmful? (P1)

Today, industrial wood is a product that can be found in all spheres of human habitation, including workplaces, schools, and residences. Due to this, the negative consequences of formaldehyde in industrial wood have also gained attention. How does this chemical impact human health, and how may its negative consequences be avoided or minimized? Let’s find out the answer…

Is formaldehyde completely harmful?

Applications and harmful effects of formaldehyde

Formaldehyde, having the chemical formula CH2O, is an odorless, colorless molecule. It is a material that, when ingested, has harmful consequences on human health. It is still regarded as a significant chemical, nevertheless, and is used in numerous contexts. Among them are well-known sectors like textiles, paints, cosmetics, explosives, etc., as well as disinfectants in the agricultural and fishing industries. Industrial wood glue contains formaldehyde, which is used to improve adhesion, reduce the risk of termites and mold on boards, and boost strength.

Source of formaldehyde in living space

Formaldehyde can be found in the home in many different ways, such as in tomato, apple, and wood-burning stove smoke. Additionally, it is used in the production of items like cigarette smoke, paint, and detergents. home goods made of wood. In particular, this substance is frequently used to produce industrial wood products like wood powder and well-liked adhesives like UF, MUF, and PF. Nevertheless, as the product is used and stored, its concentration will gradually decline.

Harmful effects of Formaldehyde on human health

Formaldehyde is a substance that is harmful to human health. At each emission concentration, the level of impact will be different. Accordingly, it also leads to easily recognizable symptoms, so that people can recognize formaldehyde pollution in their living environment. Below are the symptoms in humans when exposed to this compound.

At low level

The body exhibits signs like blurred vision and lightheadedness at this level. It will result in allergic rashes and skin irritability if left untreated. Some persons experience fatigue and shortness of breath after awakening in a formaldehyde-polluted environment. Many people are unobjective and believe it to be a common allergy because these symptoms occur repeatedly.

At average level

We may easily detect offensive pungent odors in the living area from this level. Dry cough, runny nose, itchy eyes, and headache upon waking are symptoms of moderate levels. This has an impact on health, especially for pregnant women, as it lowers the function of the respiratory system and weakens the immune system. Therefore, users should refrain from utilizing items with emission concentrations that are beyond the permitted range.

At severe level

Abdominal pain and nausea, which have a direct impact on the respiratory and digestive systems, can cause gastritis and urinary tract infections in people. There will be numerous detrimental impacts on one’s health from prolonged inhalation and digestion. The buildup of cancer-causing chemicals is also a result of this.
The body will start to shake, go into a coma, and then die as soon as the emission concentration in the air rises above 30 ppm. As a result, consumers must act quickly when mild and moderate symptoms manifest. to safeguard your family’s health.

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