Should building a house be done with natural wood or industrial wood?

Benefits of natural wood, industrial wood

Natural wood often has high durability over time, some rare types of wood such as Po mu, Giang Huong, Clove, Mahogany, and Trac also increase in value over time.
In addition, natural wood also has high durability when in contact with water, but then it needs to be processed immediately to avoid rotting and rough surfaces.
The size of natural wood is quite rich, workers can design textures and art textures on this wood while it is not possible to do it in industrial wood because industrial wood is produced according to shaped panels.
In terms of aesthetics, natural wood is both classic and modern, but still cozy and luxurious. Since ancient times, people who are knowledgeable about wood can look at the wood grain to identify each type of wood because each wood grain represents the unique characteristics of each type. Depending on your preferences, you should consider choosing the right wood grain and color.
Normally, processing industrial wood products is simpler than natural wood because of low labor costs, and can be produced immediately and mass-produced because the wood panels have been processed in the form of panels, and wood billets have been processed. available, so the worker does not spend too much time in sawing, sawing, planing, and smoothing the surface, but just cutting, grafting, and gluing. At the same time, the price of billets is also cheaper, so industrial wood is often much lower in price than natural wood.
Besides, industrial wood also has the prominent feature of not warping, and not shrinking, making it easy for workers to create flat surfaces and paint in different colors but not rough and rough.
Due to its specific shape and properties, artificial wood is often designed in a simple but modern, youthful style, popular with many users.

Drawbacks of natural wood, industrial wood

In fact, natural wood is increasingly scarce. Currently, most of the natural wood is imported, and the processing cost is also very expensive because it has to be done manually, so the price of this wood is often very high. Natural wood often has the phenomenon of warping and shrinking if not handled well. This phenomenon often occurs in wood panels with large surface areas such as cabinet doors, doors, etc.
If compared in terms of durability, industrial wood is not as durable as natural wood. In addition, an important point that greatly affects the durability of laminate is the accompanying accessories such as cabinet door hinges, and drawer slides, if low-quality accessories are used, they are easy to damage or affect. product quality.
Due to the physical characteristics and the association of each industrial wood grain, workshops cannot produce complex fine art details like natural wood, which affects the aesthetics and sophistication of the product. bring (lines, textures, patterns, …). Since then, the price of industrial wood products after processing is also cheaper, the customer service segment is also limited.

Compare natural wood and industrial wood

Natural wood has the ability to withstand great gravity, not deformed when there is a strong impact from the outside. Under strict drying and painting conditions, natural wood will withstand prolonged wet weather without peeling. The average lifespan of natural wood lasts up to 30 years.
However, the construction of natural wood furniture often faces the phenomenon of warping and shrinking after a period of use. On the other hand, poor-quality natural wood is also vulnerable to termites, especially in humid environments.
Or if the interior construction worker is not highly qualified, and less professional, the probability of warping and shrinking will be higher, such as unreasonable size arrangement or improper mortise grafting. …
If it is wood, it will not avoid the problem of termites, including industrial or natural wood. However, industrial wood uses glue and chemicals to produce, so termites will be picky and slower to eat than meat wood (natural wood).
The reason natural wood has such a high price is in no small part the aesthetic factor it brings. Each type of natural wood has a unique wood grain system that makes the furniture become eye-catching, possessing a strange and luxurious beauty. The average price of natural wood ranges from 6.5 million VND/m3 (for oak) – 50 million VND/m3 (for black rosewood).
Meanwhile, industrial wood conquers users with a variety of surface materials. With just one type of moisture-resistant MDF or HDF, you can combine it with a variety of surface materials such as laminate, veneer, acrylic, or painted. Industrial wood has a variety of colors, suitable for many different uses in the interior, especially artificial wood boards have the outstanding characteristic of not warping and shrinking, so now industrial wood is often used in the industry. It is widely used in modern interior design, helping homeowners easily transform their houses according to the style they desire.
In terms of moisture and mildew resistance, laminated wood (MDF) is treated with laminate or melamine, so even if it’s hot weather or high air humidity, it’s not easy to make industrial wood products (MDF) warping or shrinking like wood.
Not only that, the construction time of industrial wood is much faster than that of natural wood. Industrial wood can be mass-produced because the wood billet is usually available, in the form of a sheet, so workers only need to cut, join, and glue, without losing effort in sawing, planing, and processing the sanding surface.
Each type of wood has different advantages and disadvantages, if used properly, it will help increase the life of the wood. For wood types that can withstand water, priority should be given to use in environments with high humidity. In contrast, hardwoods should be used in places that are often bumped, such as stairs (usually made of ironwood), and floors (usually made of spokes), …

Types of wood commonly used in house construction

Walnut trees are most commonly found in the forests of the former Persian countries, the forests of England, the Southern California United States, and the North American region. This wood is not found in Asian forests because the climate is not suitable for them to grow.
In Vietnam, walnut wood appeared for the first time in the period of 2007 – 2008 through imported products from loose furniture brands such as tables and chairs, beds, cabinets, etc., imported from abroad. In recent years, the trend of using walnut wood furniture for houses, townhouses, villas, or offices has increased due to its good adaptability to the Vietnamese climate, durable wood materials, and Classy and elegant style.
Oak is a hardwood, that grows in many countries around the world with temperate climates, concentrated in some areas in the United States, so it is often called American oak. In terms of species, there are two types of oak: red oak (Red Oak) and white oak (White Oak).
If you plan to use oak furniture, you should consult an interior designer for advice. This not only helps users to use reasonable costs but also can ensure accurate color expression after completion.
MDF (Medium Destiny Fiberboard) has 2 main types: normal core and moisture-resistant green core. This type of wood is suitable for the construction of household furniture such as shoe cabinets, kitchen cabinets, bathroom walls, etc., and is also used a lot in the interior construction of shops.
However, this type of wood is only resistant to moisture, if exposed to water for a long time, the wood will swell. The hardness of the wood is good, but it has no toughness, and the wood cannot be used for carving like natural wood. And the number of years of life is lower than that of natural wood, usually lasting from 8 to 10 years.
MFC chipboard is an artificial wood, originating from plantation wood (eucalyptus, acacia, rubber, …), which can be briefly understood as OKAL board but the surface is covered with melamine. This type of wood has the advantage of a moderate price, due to the melamine coating that helps to increase scratch resistance, and moisture resistance, and large surface size is quite commonly used in the market and has similar aesthetics. opposite to. The downside of this product is poor bearing capacity, easy to warp, and termite corrosion if left in an environment with high humidity.
MFC board is mainly used for interior decoration, and home or office furniture production. Plywood is produced by the process of pressing wood chips mixed with glue, similar to MDF but the wood is milled into chips, so they are of lower quality than fiberboard.
In addition, there is also a type of wood derived from nature, laminated wood is a type of wood plank produced by joining natural wood bars (sourced wood from planted forests) together by modern technologies, creating a wooden plank. large size wood. The small wooden slats are treated and dried strictly on modern lines to remove all harmful agents such as termites and mold. Then the wood is sawed, planed, milled, grafted, scrubbed, pressed, and painted to create the finished product, which is a full-plate laminate.
The advantage of this wood is that it is not susceptible to termites and warping over time. At the same time, the product has a variety of designs, and the surface is well treated, so it has high color fastness, and good scratch and impact resistance. In terms of durability, this wood product is not inferior to solid wood if the processing level is good and the price is also 20-30% cheaper than solid natural wood.
On the other hand, laminated wood still has the inherent disadvantage of being uniform in color and not having a high grain pattern due to being assembled from many different wooden slats. For families with medium economic ability, using natural wood furniture with bars will be a wise decision.

In summary, the choice of materials in housing construction mainly depends on the style, needs, and finances of each person. Some people like the classic and cozy style, and choose natural wood, but if you like the modern and youthful style, you can choose industrial wood to make furniture. You should consult more wood experts or architects to be able to make the wisest and most intelligent choice for your home.


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